Building the future of luxury

High aesthetic and construction standards characterise Knightsbridge Private Park, which combines premium natural materials, efficient, modern technology and environmentally sound solutions.

Technological solutions:

  • Knightsbridge Private Park’s four buildings are reinforced concrete-framed, faced with high-quality natural stone

  • Supporting walls feature 640 mm thick brickwork with ‘warm ceramic’ technology, ensuring high levels of insulation and soundproofing

  • Windows are made of high-quality timber cased in protective aluminium and using low-emission glass; glazing accounts for more than 70% of the building’s total façade area, making the residences exceptionally bright

  • Residence ceilings are a generous 3.3 to 3.6 meters in height

  • The development is currently registered for certification to BREEAM standards, which will make it Russia’s first residential complex to pass the British evaluation for environmental friendliness in building systems and choice of materials

  • Apartments are available to purchase in shell and core form and may choose interior decoration styles from an impressive range of options by world’s leading designers such as LINLEY, Eric Valeev and Andrew Martin