URBAN AWARDS: Leaders Among Developers of Club Houses

Leaders Among Developers of Club Houses

Club houses are able to comply with demands of the most sophisticated buyers of elite real estate. Homogenous social environment, prestige and ultimate privacy make living in houses that belong to the club category available only to a very small circle of respectable residents. Urbanus.ru, urban real estate web portal, an arranger of the Urban Awards has found out who is the leader in club houses construction on the metropolitan real estate market. For this purpose, the number and status of club houses built by real estate developers were taken into account and it was found out who, in the opinion of leading elite real estate agencies, dominate in this segment.

Some of them state that there are about 30-35 elite houses of the club category, others name a much lesser figure. Each club house is, without a doubt, a unique and custom-made product. Agalarov House, one of the first elite club houses, appeared in Moscow in the Krasnaya Presnya district already in 1987. Also the first and significant for the market projects are club houses of Rose Group (RGI International). In the opinion of Yekaterina Tein, a partner of the Chesterton Company, Boris Kuzinets and RGI International actually have formed the elite segment, when in due time they started Ostozhenka district development that eventually became the Golden Mile of Moscow. Among the most significant projects of the company Molochny lane 1, Cooper House, houses in Butikovsky and Korobeynikov lanes, Zachatyevsky 19-21 can be mentioned.

Barkli Corporation, of course, should be mentioned among the permanent developers of Ostozhenka. The project Barkli Virgin House can be considered a vivid confirmation of their leading positions in this segment. “Barkli is a modern progressing developer who has not only presented Barkli Virgin House and Barkli Park to the market but also has shown to others that courage + taste + good team are able to change traditional assumptions about the place, the price and the sales script even of such sophisticated buyers as in Moscow”, Nadezhda Kot, Head of Sales for Russia, Sotheby’s Agency, notes.

Activities of the RESTAVRACIA N company also deserve great attention. “All their projects are individual, perfectly thought out, with a good concept and high quality of construction. They do not build much, do not strive for square metres. But everything they have built – these are really elite projects that almost were not advertised and were sold “among the close circle”, Natalya Gorbunova, Head of Investment Projects Department of the TWEED Agency, comments. Experts also mention a successful debut of KFS, the developer of Granatny 6. This house has marked a watershed in the development of Moscow elite housing market for the last 2-3 years and is justly one of the most expensive projects of the modern elite housing market.

Urban Awards 2012 

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